$100,000 Challenge

Like many world-leading brands, our success has led our products being counterfeited. A growing number of companies make unsubstantiated, unproven and undocumented claims about the performance of their products, saying they work just like “ACE”.

In 2012, as a response to these companies and their unproven claims, ACE launched our $100,000 Challenge. Our challenge was simple: find another product that has proven performance like ACE and we will give you $100,000 USD.

Six years after launching this challenge to the world, ACE has not had one response to this challenge.

The ACE challenge

Should you find one other window film manufacture that can meet or beat our independent third party ballistics and explosives testing with a commercially available product that has been on the market widely advertised for at least 10 years and with independent, third-party laboratory testing to ballistic performance standards established by Underwriter Laboratory and the National Institute of Justice, ACE will GIVE you $100,000 USD.

Should you wish to accept our challenge

We invite you to contact the following:

www.3M.com (USA)

www.bekaert.com (USA)

www.cpfilms.com (USA)

www.solargard.com (USA)

www.johnsonwindowfilms.com (USA)

China 571 window film suppliers

www.Gilafilms.com (USA/India)

India 231 window film suppliers

www.hanita.com (Israel)

South Korea 300 window film suppliers

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