ACE COVID-19 Response

ACE COVID-19 Response
April 15, 2020 Ian Sterne

To our valued Clients and Business Partners,

ACE is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of its employees, business partners and clients.

In order to help slow the rate of the COVID-19 infection in our community and yours, we are undertaking a variety of measures.  Our offices will remain open however we are:

  • Suspending business travel*
  • Limiting access to our facility by visitors**
  • Enabling work from home for all non-essential employees
  • Monitoring our employees and requiring employees who are experiencing symptoms of illness to stay home
  • Assuring employees maintain proper social distancing
  • Encouraging frequent and effective handwashing
  • Increasing sanitation of common areas
  • Disinfecting all shipments to our customers
  • All incoming packages, shipments sanitized in secure holding area

Additionally, on our clients project sites, we have adopted the latest construction, trade and worksite recommendations being made by the Center for Disease Control.  We are also asking our technical teams to be particularly sensitive to the practices and policies of our clients on those occasions we are required to work in their facilities.

ACE will continue to industry best practices and update our policies based on the latest available information.

Finally, ACE is proud to join the many companies across North America, temporarily channeling their engineering skills and productive capacity to fabricate the protective equipment our communities need.  Like many of our peers in industry, we will continue playing this role and contributing to our collective effort to keep our communities safe as long as the requirement remains

Please continue to contact any one of our team members as you would normally.

Thank you for your efforts and continued support as we all work through this unprecedented situation together.

Thank you
Angie Babin NP
ACE Heath and Safety Officer

* US/ Canadian/ Mexico Government requested travel for on site meetings with appropriate travel documents only.

** By invitation only, Medical Certificate signed by MD proof required of heath status

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