Operators of High Profile Buildings Rest Easier During G20 Summit

Operators of High Profile Buildings Rest Easier During G20 Summit
June 24, 2010 Ian Sterne

Windows protected by innovative Canadian company

OTTAWA, ON – June 24, 2010 – As delegations of the G20 countries convene in Toronto in late June, some of the most security-conscious properties in and around the inner security perimeter are being protected by Ottawa-based Advanced Coatings Enterprises Inc (ACE). Applied to glass, ACE security laminates render windows shatter-resistant, bullet-resistant and bomb-resistant.

“By protecting glass surfaces and by protecting against shattered and flying glass, we are protecting people and property against what is generally the leading cause of security breaches, injury and death in terrorist events”, says Michael Gabriel Draven, Chief Operating Officer for Advanced Coatings Enterprises.

Preparations for the G20 summit have constituted the largest security operation in Canadian history and come on the heels of the recent fire-bombing of a bank in downtown Ottawa.

High-profile buildings within the downtown core protected by the company’s products include The TD Bank Centre, The Toronto Stock Exchange and the Ontario Legislature Buildings at Queen’s Park, site of the designated Summit protest zone.

Based on research conducted by the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, most injuries resulting from an explosives attack are inflicted by flying glass and other debris. Reducing the risk of such secondary injuries has become an area of major study in building sciences.

“A simple weapon such as a Molotov Cocktail like the one used in the recent bank bombing in Ottawa can cause enormous damage”, says Draven. “Estimates for the bank bombing now peg damage at $500,000, all the result of a weapon that costs pennies”.

About Advanced Coatings Enterprise
Leading the industry globally, Advanced Coatings Enterprise converts safety films and laminates for existing window applications and new construction. Independent, third-party testing has verified that the company’s products resist against simple break-and-enter efforts and molotov cocktails as well as against weapons firing .38 calibre, 9 mm and .357 rounds in addition to direct 12 gauge shotgun blasts.

The company’s products are installed on high-security properties around the world including government facilities, military bases and consulates. In Canada, ACE security laminates are used by: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Correctional Service of Canada, The Royal Canadian Mint, the Parliament of Canada and Museums Canada.

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For further information contact:
Michael Draven; Chief Operating Officer
Advanced Coatings Enterprises

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