ACE Polymatrix™ Rapid Response Kit

The world’s first do-it-yourself bullet proofing kit

In response to demand from municipal agencies and organizations across the country, ACE introduces the ACE Polymatrix Rapid Response Kit.

Our goal is to help towns, municipalities and organizations across America target harden entranceways, security desks and customer intake areas rapidly and effectively, all the while working within a budget.

Based on ACE’s Polymatrix composite ballistic panel technology, your self-protection kit will provide ballistic protection rated to UL Level 1 (124 grain, 9mm, 1293 fps ammunition) when installed on standard, commercial grade, ¼ inch annealed glass, the most common glass in commercial buildings across the country.

We’ve designed our protection to be affordable, effective and capable of rapid deployment by your maintenance staff or an experienced contractor. Simply send us your measurements, and we’ll do the rest. Your material will be shipped to you ready for self-install.

Submit your measurements using our online form or call us at any time to discuss your project.

ACE technicians review all submissions.  During the process you can send us any pictures, documents, plans, elevation drawings or videos which show details of your windows.

And, we’re always available for consultation.
Email us at or call us at 888-607-0000

An easy six step installation

Your ACE Polymatrix peel-and-stick panels are designed to be installed in a simple, easy to follow process.


Measure your windows

Measure the panes of glass you wish to protect from edge of glass to edge of glass.  ACE will fabricate your material for the window(s) and glass doors with a 1/8th inch offset around the perimeter to allow for sizing and fitting and expansion and contraction of the glass resulting from temperature changes.


Ensure the fit

Your ACE  Polymatrix ballistic panels will be shipped to you pre-sized, sealed with a protective sleeve and labelled so you know which window it is designed for.  Simply match the panel to the glass it is to be installed on.  “Dry-fit” the panel to make sure it is a good fit.  You will want an approximate 1/8th inch gap around the perimeter from the glass to the frame.


Clean the window

Use simple soap, water and a squeegee to clean the window.  An ammonia-based window cleaner can also be used but make sure the widow is completely dry before adhering your panel.  Lint free towels are ideal for this process.  Make sure the windows are thoroughly dry.


Tack the window to the glass

When the panel is ready to be installed, carefully remove the protective coating using the pull-tab in the corner.  Carefully remove the release liner from the glazing tape around the perimeter.  When the release liner of all four sides are removed, “tack” the panel into place making sure the gap around the perimeter is equal on all sides.   For larger sized widows, use of wood or plastic shims will be of help to center the panel during the fitting process.


Apply pressure to ensure adhesion

When your ACE Polymatrix panel is centered and tacked to the window, use the silicone seam roller (supplied with your kit) to evenly apply pressure around the perimeter of the panel.  This will ensure proper adhesion of the glazing to the window.


Apply sealant

Apply silicone structural sealant around the perimeter of the panel, covering the 1/8th inch gap.  For aesthetic purposes, try to keep the sealant bead to approximately 1/4 inch width.  Allow to fully dry.

Materials and tools you will need

Our self-installation process has been designed to make your job as easy as possible. You will need the following tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Glass cleaner supplies (soap, water and/or ammonia-based glass cleaner)
  • Lint-free shop towels
  • Squeegee (optional)
  • Caulking gun
  • Any high quality interior 100% silicone sealant (ideally color matched to your window frames)
  • Hand-held silicone seam roller (supplied with your kit)
  • Plastic shims (supplied with your kit)

Important Warnings

    1. ACE Polymatrix peel-and-stick-panels must be applied to annealed glass of at least ¼” inch thickness to attain protection levels.
    2. ACE Polymatrix peel-and-stick-panels ARE NOT intended for installation on tempered glass. If you are attempting to protect doors which will likely have tempered panes, call us to discuss details.
    3. Protection levels may not be attained if not installed on the prescribed and intended glass.
    4. Ballistic performance may not be attained on window panes smaller than 16″ x 16″ in size.
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