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Around the world, demand for armouring and securing civilian vehicles is on the rise. ACE security laminates are the only technology in the world capable of retrofitting standard industry car glass against a range of threats up to and including that from weapons firing 45 calibre ammunition.

Applied to standard quality car glass, ACE security laminates can protect against threats including:

  • Crimes of convenience and break-and-enter attempts
  • Baseball bats and machetes used during car-jackings
  • Attacks with hand-guns and small arms
  • Shrapnel from car bombs and improvised explosives

Armouring car glass to resist attacks presents numerous technical challenges. Maintaining visual clarity is paramount. Keeping weight down is critical. Ballistic-rated windows generally require that the entire door be replaced. Then there’s the challenge of ensuring the windows remain operational. The costs and lead-time to undertake the work can be significant.

Thin, clear and with the ability to be applied to any car ACE laminates meet these challenges.

Working with a trained and qualified ACE installer, ACE can help you customize a protection package specifically for your vehicle.

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Contact ACE for an initial consultation or call 1-888-607-0000 in North America.

ACE fleet vehicle programs

If you are a fleet operator, call ACE to discuss our Fleet Protection Program. From trains, subways and buses to law enforcement and military vehicles, ACE can help you reinforce your vehicle glass quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. Read More...
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