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Lighter, thinner, faster and less expensive than traditional bullet proof glass. ACE security laminates: practical bullet proofing and glass security for everyone.

At ACE, our goal is to bring practical bullet proofing and glass security to everyone.  By working with the glass and windows you already have in place, we can help you respond to threats faster and without undertaking extensive renovations or reconstruction.

Because our technology is lighter and because it works with the glass you already have, our clients tell us we are reducing the cost of their bullet proofing projects by up to 90% compared to traditional BR glass.

With this cost advantage and by working with their existing built-form, we’re helping them get the ballistic protection they always wanted but could never afford.

With our full range of glass protection, we can protect you from threats such as:

  • Small arms fire
  • Bomb blasts and IEDs
  • Burglary and aggressive forced entry
  • Common vandalism
  • Injury from accidental glass breakage

The right product at the right time

Governments and communities worldwide are facing growing threats to physical security.  According to studies, in an attack using explosives in an urban area, over 80% of all secondary blast injuries are caused by flying glass. By strengthening building glazing systems, ACE laminates remove one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of terrorists.

Lightweight, optically clear, and quick to deploy, ACE security laminates are the ideal technology for retrofitting glass in-situ.

Working with ¼ inch plate glass commonly found in most commercial buildings in North America, ACE laminates can be installed in a variety of configurations to meet almost any threat.

From schools and courthouses to civic buildings, private residences and vehicles, ACE provides a tested, proven and cost effective technology which helps building owners and operators meet evolving threats.

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