Ballistic Protection for Vehicle Windows

2 seconds from a gun being drawn to a shot being fired. Life happens at that speed. For law enforcement and emergency responders in North America and around the world, threats from small arms fire are a daily reality

Threats unfold in seconds.  And often, we are most vulnerable when we are in our vehicles.  ACE Polymatrix ballistic car glass technology from Advanced Coatings Engineering (ACE) is the evolution of vehicle armoring.  Applied to the original windows designed for your vehicle, ACE Polymatrix provides full UL Level 1 ballistic protection against 9mm ammunition, the most common handgun in America.

Designed as a retrofit to OEM windows, ACE’s Polymatrix technology eliminates the challenges of traditional BR glass which require reconfigurations of doors and gaskets by specialized vehicle outfitters.

Thin and discrete, this is a true retrofit solution which can be installed quickly, limiting the operational downtime of your vehicle.  Lightweight, there is minimal incremental weight loading on the door which removes concerns and problems with door sagging.  And, our protected windows can be easily de-commissioned at the end of the service life of your vehicle.

  • UL Level 1 ballistic protection
  • Lightweight, thin, discrete
  • Fits in most common North American vehicles with no door modifications required
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • A fraction of the cost and weight of traditional BR glass offerings
  • Fits into existing vehicle fleet with no modifications to door and gasket assemblies
  • Easily commissioned and de-commissioned
  • A true retrofit solution which reduces project lead times
  • High level of fragmentation resistance in event of an IED attack
  • Produced by a company with over 20 years of field experience working with some of the most demanding clients in the world

To discuss your unique requirements, call us at 888-607-0000 during North American business hours or email us at .  ACE enforces a strict Know Your Customer policy for our ballistic solutions.  We reserve the right to limit sales.

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Threat Protection:

The highest levels of break resistance in the industry to protect you against attack from aggressive forced entry, bomb blasts and small arms fire.

ACE encourages potential consumers to consider having a threat assessment performed by one of our trained professionals or a competent security consultant to evaluate your security needs.

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