How ACE Security Laminates

Are different from window tints and films

From its founding in 1991, ACE has always considered itself a security company, not a window film company. Our products are architected from the ground up driven by this underlying philosophy.

When ACE developed the first bullet-resistant window laminate in the world in 1994, the window film and window tint industry responded, saying, “it wasn’t possible”. The need for architectural security products was realized following the World Trade Centre attack in 2001.

The window film industry responded to this newfound demand in a predictable way; they simply made their window films – originally designed to keep the sun out of your house – thicker.


We know thicker is not necessarily better

ACE security laminates are constructed with multiple plies of premium grade Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPET). ACE assembles the plies of BoPET, aligning them so that the directional orientation of the polyester fibres is optimized for energy disbursement. Unlike less expensive window films, the material used in ACE laminates have multiple “closing angles”.

This effectively results in ACE’s three ply laminate being comprised of a six directional weave. Shear forces cannot simply “crack” the laminate thereby letting a projectile through. If ACE were to use a less expensive production methodology as do other manufacturers, the result would be a uniform alignment of the plies and dramatically reduced performance.

Holding the assembly together are high quality adhesives, with each physical layer of adhesive designed to deliver a specific performance factor. Less expensive and generic adhesives used by other manufacturers reduce costs but also dramatically reduce performance.

ACE security laminates: designed for security to be the best in the world.

Imagine the peace of mind you would gain knowing your family, home, office, business and valuables were protected.


Three levels of protection

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100 Series

Enhance home protection and reduce the potential for injury from broken glass and accidental damage.

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200 Series

An invisible defensive barrier protecting you from becoming a victim of burglary and attack.

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300 Series

The highest levels of break resistance in the industry to protect you against burglary and aggressive forced entry.



LaminateSF5 - clearSF7 - clearSL9 - clearSL14 - clearASLX
Clasification100 Series100 Series200 Series300 Series300 Series
Number of laminate layers1123Extruded
Laminate thickness with adhesive inches0.0050.0070.0090.014Custom engineered to threat level
Laminate thickness with adhesive microns127178229356Custom engineered to threat level
Tensile strength lbs/inch28,00028,00028,00028,000Custom engineered to threat level
Breakstrength lbs/inch110190221350Custom engineered to threat level
UV radiation rejection %9898999898
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