ACE Security Laminates & Procurement

Commodity codes for public officials

If you are a procurement professional, you will wish to know that ACE security laminates are listed under the standardized commodity codes for ballistic / bulletproof glass. You will want to reference the following commodity codes:

UNSPSC Code 72153001, bullet resistant glass

NIGP Code 440.05, bullet resistant glass

NAICS code 811122-04, bullet resistant glass for vehicles

NIGP Code 665.41, laminates: ballistic, break-resistant and forced entry

NAICS Code 423390-09, bullet resistant glass

NIGP Code 90927, school building improvements

Description: NAICS Code 811122-04, NAICS Code 423390-09, UNSPSC Code 72153001, NIGP Codes 440.05 and 665.41.

Ballistic glass is a specialized industry that involves the manufacturing and installation of glass that is resistant to bullets and other ballistic threats. This type of glass is commonly used in high-security buildings, military vehicles, and other applications where protection against small arms fire is necessary. The glass is designed to withstand the impact of bullets and other projectiles, while still maintaining its transparency and structural integrity.

Common requirements for ballistic glass and ACE security laminates

Facilities frequently requiring ballistic glass referencing NAICS Code 811122-04, NAICS Code 423390-09, UNSPSC code 72153001 and NIGP code 440.05 and NIGP Code 665.41 include:

  • Ballistic glass for banks
  • Ballistic glass for government buildings
  • Ballistic glass for military vehicles
  • Ballistic glass for embassies
  • Ballistic glass for police stations
  • Ballistic glass for airports
  • Ballistic glass for museums
  • Ballistic glass for jewelry stores
  • Ballistic glass for high-end residences
  • Ballistic glass for prisons

Certifications for NAICS Code 811122-04, NAICS Code 423390-09, UNSPSC Code 72153001, NIGP Codes 440.05 and 665.41 and ACE security laminates

The specific certifications, permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance requirements within the United States and Europe for this industry will reference the following standards:

  • UL 752: This certification is required for bullet-resistant glass and glazing materials. It is provided by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and ensures that the product meets specific safety standards.
  • NIJ Standard 0108.01: This certification is required for ballistic-resistant materials and is provided by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). It ensures that the product meets specific safety standards.
  • EN-1063: This standard is a security glazing standard created by the European Committee for Standardization for measuring the protective strength of bullet-resistant glass.
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