Government & Institutional Solutions

Protecting major corporations & governmental institutions

For over 20 years, ACE has been protecting some of the most secure facilities in North America and around the world. With a clientele that includes major corporations, governmental institutions, operators of critical infrastructure and classified agencies, ACE has extensive experience protecting every manner of buildings, from corporate campuses to airports.


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Keep operators and riders safe with the lightweight, discrete, functional glass protection offered by ACE security laminates.
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Customized levels of protection for glass in stores, corporate facilities, executive entranceways, civic buildings, homes and vehicles.
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From bomb blasts to bullets, retrofit your existing glass as a rapid response to the evolving threat landscape.

We have the expertise

With an in-house team of experts in ballistics, threat risk analysis, bomb-blast building design, intelligence, security, policing and engineering, the ACE team can support and operationalize projects around the world.
Working with your team, ACE can help you assess threats, explore design options, identify the optimal hardening strategy for your building’s windows and glass and see the project through to execution.

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