Taking a Shot at the Competition

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Taking a Shot at the Competition
July 12, 2022 Ian Sterne

July 12 2022

There comes a time when you must shoot back. While the window film industry amazes the market with their rainbow of colors, Advanced Coatings Engineering went a different direction.

Over many years and millions of dollars of research and development ACE has designed and manufacture the world’s only bullet resistant third party tested security laminate.

About Advanced Coatings Enterprises Inc.  
Advanced Coatings Enterprises Inc (ACE) is the manufacturer of ACETM security laminates, widely recognized as the best window security laminates in the world.  Founded in 1991, the company’s products protect secure facilities around the world.

ACE security laminates have been tested to and meet burglary, ballistic and bomb blast standards established by Underwriter Laboratory (UL-S332, UL-752), the National Institute of Justice (NIJ 0108.01), the European Committee for Standardization (EN 1063), and the General Services Administration (GSA).

For more information, visit usace.com.
To see ACE security laminates tested live, visit our Youtube page at: https://www.youtube.com/user/acetvnews

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