You are in good hands with the USACE 1st Generation Overlay Unit

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Introducing the USACE 1st Generation Overlay Unit.

When it comes to protecting glass in a consistent manner that reflects a near perfect ‘cloak’ creating a transparent protective coating that will prevent a Smash and Grab, or a bullet, the USACE 1st Generation Overlay Unit is what every glass shop needs.

Flat glass, curved and car glass can be coated, with USACE’s 1st Generation Overlay Unit.


  • Reduced labor / manpower requirements
  • Faster production times
  • Greater consistency
  • Higher quality
  • Reduced cost per unit
  • Reduced operational footprint compared to individual manual workstations
  • Higher profits

Technical parameters:

    • Variable speed control. Speed of coating process 0-17 m/min
    • Both automated and manual operating modes are available.
    • Continuous (uninterrupted) infeed is available.
    • The maximum coating width is 1.82m.
    • Both cold (room temperature) and heat-assisted (heated rollers) are available.
    • The heat-assisted setting supports temperature control up to 120 C
    • Maximum coating thickness is 35mm
    • Fully adjustable coating pressure is available.
    • Coating pressure can be set between 0.1-8.2 bar.
    • Top NIP roller surface hardness 35 shore
    • Maximum deflection/bow of the top roller under maximum operating pressure: 0.012 mm.
    • Bottom NIP roller surface hardness 80 shore
    • Coating NIP head weight: 240 kg
    • USACE’s 1st Generation Overlay Unit weight with the stand: 280 kg

Learn how you can acquire USACE’s 1st Generation Overlay Unit. Setup and training available. Operations instructions by video and online. Warranty for 1 year, parts and labour.

Available to ACE Authorized Dealers only

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