Can ACE laminates secure Wired Glass in my school?

Can ACE laminates secure Wired Glass in my school?
May 4, 2017 Ian Sterne

In the United States, the 2006 International Building Code (IBC) effectively banned the use of Wired Glass. Across North America, thousands of schools have legacy doors and windows which have been grand-fathered despite these changes to the building code.

The wires embedded in wired glass act as a discontinuity which actually makes the glass weaker. Further, in events of breakage, it can create a mesh entrapping limbs and resulting in injury.

While the ideal solution lies in the full replacement of wired glass in schools, the prevalence of legacy windows and doors presents a logistical and financial challenge in doing so.

ACE’s 200 Series SL09 or 300 Series SL14 security laminates can be an effective means of reinforcing your currently installed legacy stock of wired glass.

ACE’s SL14 security laminates are tested to both the ANSI-Z97.1 and CPSC Title 16 CFR Part 1201 standard test methods for impact resistant glazing which are the test methods cited by the US Building Code for safety glazing systems.

Further, ACE security laminates are tested to the ASTM-E84 surface burn and smoke generation test standard.

Copies of these tests are available to school boards, consultants and architecture firms upon request.

Together, this body of testing will meet the needs of most school boards and municipalities when it comes to testing of building materials used in public spaces.

Call ACE for further details.

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