How do I prepare the windows and room for installation?

How do I prepare the windows and room for installation?
February 1, 2017 Ian Sterne

You will want to leave approximately 3 feet of space in front of the window to install the safety laminate. In addition, all window treatments like blinds and shades should be removed prior to installation. Since you will be spraying the window with slip solution (mixture of distilled water and slip agent) it is recommended to use a drop cloth under the window to protect the furniture and floors. The window should be thoroughly cleaned according to the installation instructions, and any tint, decals, stickers, etc. removed. You may also wish to turn off any fans, air conditioners or, in winter, venting systems as the increased air flow may blow dust particles onto the windows which, if not removed, leave small blemishes in the installation. If you have pets, you may also wish to have them removed from the area. A quick vacuuming of the window area will also reduce the potential for dust contamination.

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