About Bullet Resistance

No product is Break, Bullet, or Bomb- Proof

ACE laminates are not break, bullet or bomb-proof. There is no such safety film or security laminate on the market. ACE products only provide added protection against the effects of bullets, bombs and break-in entry. Third party testing has established that ACE 300 Series laminates are capable of resisting a range of small arms fire including .38 Sp., 9mm FMJ, 40 calibre, 45 calibre, and .357 and 44 magnum ammunition. At no time does ACE promote or lead clients to believe that bulletproofing or break and enter proofing can be achieved solely with ACE products.

For a description of third party testing undertaken by ACE, please refer to ACE testing reports which are available upon request.

ACE encourages clients to consider having a threat assessment performed by one of our trained professionals or a competent security consultant to evaluate your security needs.

ACE is not liable for any unauthorized statements, representations or claims made by independent dealers or installers. ACE does not warrant film products against glass related injuries.


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