Introducing ACE’s Polymatrix™ Technology

Introducing ACE’s Polymatrix™ Technology
December 1, 2019 Ian Sterne


Beginning in 2011, ACE’s R/D discovered a highly dense, compressed, nearly impenetrable composite while searching for a better way to process its complex compound used during the lamination process.

Recourses and funds poured into this unique technology that to date is unheard of or used.

So advanced that ACE focused its attention towards breaking new ground, to give to the market a finished product, a material that will now provides the bullet proof industry a real alternative to thick glass and acrylics.

After three years in development, and additional three years of lab and field testing,… ACE’s TPM Polymatrix™ is here!

  • TPM Polymatrix™ is a copolymerized transparent product in the form of an asymmetrically layered panel. It offers exceptional dimensional stability in both transverse and longitudinal direction.
  • TPM Polymatrix ™ is flexible thermo plastic and can be shaped in a heat induced process.
  • TPM Polymatrix ™ has accumulated tensile strength of 14,100 PSI.
  • TPM Polymatrix ™ is coated against UV weathering and surface abrasion.
  • TPM Polymatrix ™ is super light weight.

ACE’s Polymatrix ™ can be custom coated to provide opaque, translucent or shaded decorative finish. In addition, ACE’s polymatrix surface coating provides a patent pending unique negligible hygroscopic property to the finished product, allowing for an extending lifetime and endurance.

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