Advanced Coatings Engineering LLC (USACE) Introduces Industry’s First Ballistic IGU

Advanced Coatings Engineering LLC (USACE) Introduces Industry’s First Ballistic IGU
May 12, 2023 ians

Polymatrix ballistic IGU will be first ballistic-ready IGU to fit into standard 1 inch commercial window frames, bringing affordable ballistic protection to new construction

Washington DC,  May 11 2023
In an industry first, Advanced Coatings Engineering LLC (USACE) introduces the ACE Polymatrix IGU, a ballistic-ready IGU designed to fit into industry standard 1 inch window frames.

“The Polymatrix ballistic IGU will enable architects and builders to install double-pane windows with full UL-752 Level 2 protection into new buildings without the use of specialized frames”, says company Chief Executive Officer, Peter Fabian.  “This greatly expands the availability of affordable ballistic window protection to government, institutional and corporate clients”.

As the incident of mass shootings continues to rise, the Department of Homeland Security has recognized entrance-ways, windows and glass doors as among the most vulnerable parts of a building and among the hardest areas to secure[1], specifically citing windows and glass entranceways as the weak points in buildings and their security efforts.

“Traditional bullet resistant glass often requires extensive modification to wall assemblies and requires specialized frames to accommodate the thickness and weight of traditional bullet resistant glass”, says Fabian.  Our goal was to simplify the process by giving architects and builders a product which slipstreams directly into their usual design and building process.  By removing the need for specialized design and framing, we greatly simplify the process and reduce costs significantly”.

Offering Level 2 ballistic protection as defined by the UL-752 ballistic standard, the Polymatrix ballistic IGU covers the range of common handgun threats in America.  With a one inch thickness profile, the Polymatrix IGU can be fitted into any standard, commonly available commercial storefront framing unit.

USACE will be adding to its suite of glass security technology by integrating radio frequency (RF) blocking technology as an upgrade option in late 2023, providing qualified clients another tool to combat expanding surveillance and espionage efforts by bad actors.

To find out more about the Polymatrix IGU, please contact USACE for details.  A 3 Part Architectural spec is available upon request.


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USACE security laminates have been protecting people and property in over 40 countries around the world since 1991.  USACE security laminates are battle tested and protect government and civilian locations across America.

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[1] DHS, A How-To Guide to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings, FEMA 452

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