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Which side of the window do you apply ACE security laminates on? Is it both sides?

ACE laminates are installed on what is referred to as “Surface 2” of the window. “Surface 2” is the side of the window / glass which is on the interior of the building.


What happens if you don’t have an installer in my area?

ACE undertakes projects around the world. Upon discussing your scope of work, we can help you best assess how we will conduct your project.


Can I hire a local window tint company to install ACE security laminates?

While ACE security laminates and window tints appear to be similar given that they are both films which are applied to glass, their underlying design and architecture are quite different. On those occasions when customers have hired window tint companies to install our product, the results have often been poor given that window tint installers have a tendency to install our product like tint. If an ACE installer is not available, ACE would recommend hiring a trusted contractor or maintenance person. ACE would be pleased to discuss with you the best way to undertake your project.


Do I need to use caulking or a sealant with ACE security laminates?

While a high quality structural sealant can add significant reinforcement to a window protected with a film, most ACE projects are undertaken without the use of a sealant or caulking. Historically, sealant has been used to artificially enhance the performance of under-performing films during testing. Again, most commercial applications will not require the use of a structural sealant when using ACE security laminates. There are cases when it can be beneficial and ACE would be pleased to discuss this requirement with you.


How long do ACE security laminates take to cure?

ACE laminates are generally at 70% strength when they are first applied. The remaining performance is gained as the installation cures and the adhesives bond to the glass. Depending on the window’s exposure to sunlight and the amount of moisture left behind after installation, the film can take between 30 – 90 days to fully cure. During this curing process, excess moisture (which can resemble small pockets of water or haziness) will disappear and the film should appear clear.


Can I install ACE security laminates myself?


There are a number of ways ACE can help you undertake your project successfully. If provided with accurate window measurements (measuring the glass edge-to-edge), ACE can pre-cut the material for you to size which will simplify the procedure for you. ACE has helped numerous clients undertake projects successfully in this manner.


Can ACE security laminates be installed over existing tint, stickers or decals on my windows?


Any material adhered to the inside surface of the glass must be removed in order to properly install our ACE laminates.


Why is there a small gap between the edge of the film and the frame edge of glass?

There has to be a small gap (1/16 – 1/8 inch) along the edge to allow for the removal of the ‘slip solution’ used when installing our ACE safety laminates. Also, in warm temperatures the film can expand. If there is no room for it to expand it will touch the edge of the frame and lift off the glass causing a “finger” to appear which means the film will have to be replaced. There is no compromise to the protection provided by leaving this gap as glass does not break in a straight line (in other words, it won’t break along the unprotected glass). Rather, the shatter lines in glass will direct the energy into the middle of the window pane which is protected.


How do I prepare the windows and room for installation?

You will want to leave approximately 3 feet of space in front of the window to install the safety laminate. In addition, all window treatments like blinds and shades should be removed prior to installation. Since you will be spraying the window with slip solution (mixture of distilled water and slip agent) it is recommended to use a drop cloth under the window to protect the furniture and floors. The window should be thoroughly cleaned according to the installation instructions, and any tint, decals, stickers, etc. removed. You may also wish to turn off any fans, air conditioners or, in winter, venting systems as the increased air flow may blow dust particles onto the windows which, if not removed, leave small blemishes in the installation. If you have pets, you may also wish to have them removed from the area. A quick vacuuming of the window area will also reduce the potential for dust contamination.


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